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Company Profile

Mazoon Dairy Company is the largest integrated dairy company in the Sultanate of Oman with a capital outlay of OMR 100 million. The site is located in As’Sunainah in the Al Buraimi Governorate and is spread over an area of 15 sq kms.

Mazoon Dairy Company was incorporated on 1st January 2015. The foundation stone was laid at the site on 18th October 2017. As the flagship dairy company set up under the aegis of the National Food Security initiative, its objective is to:

  1. Improve self-sufficiency in dairy production in the Sultanate of Oman
  2. Improve the per capita consumption of milk, focusing on the nutritional well-being of children
  3. Stimulate an environment for food manufacturing with high quality systems
  4. Develop skills in food manufacturing and quality systems
  5. Generate local employment and SME opportunities

The integrated facility at As’Sunainah includes a state-of-the-art dairy farm with the capacity to house over 25,000 cows, a Central Processing Plant that is capable of producing over a million litres of liquid milk per day and staff accommodation to house over 400 employees. The facility also consists of a Waste Water Treatment plant and a Biogas generation plant that is unique to the region.

We have a wide array of products, including fresh milk, long-life milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt, laban, ice cream, cheese and juices, reaching our consumers across the GCC region.

The company is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2017 compliant. This ensures high-quality products comparable to global standards.

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Our Dairy Farm

The farm began with a herd of 3,500 milking cows. The plan is to grow this to number to 25,000 by 2026. There are a total of 15 sheds that maintain a temperature of 25 degrees through a cooling system. Holstein cows can produce up to 30 litres of raw fresh milk per day. Mazoon ensures that it follows the highest standards of animal welfare in the Middle East to ensure that the cows are healthy, well-fed and well-cared for. In addition, a milking parlour records yields, milking time, peak milk flow and milking duration for every cow four times a day to ensure a steady supply of fresh milk.

Animal welfare will be the utmost priority for Mazoon Dairy, and we are investing in advanced cow cooling systems that regulate indoor temperatures, along with a number of other facilities to ensure that the herd is stress free. All animals will be housed on sand bedding and have access to veterinary staff round-the-clock. Transponders fitted around their necks will also monitor eating and sleeping patterns to ensure that the herd is comfortable at all times. We have also invested in a state-of-the-art ration program and visits from a world-renowned cow nutritionist to ensure that the herd is healthy and productive.

Mazoon Dairy chose As’Sunainah for its dairy farm and factory because the region has a low Temperature Humidity Index, which is better suited for the cows. The sand dunes in this area create a soft bedding for the cows, making it very comfortable to host a herd of this size. The strategic location of As’Sunainah, given its proximity to both local and GCC markets, makes it an ideal location for the dairy farm and factory. Additionally, the water reserve is sustainable for another 25 years and provides for the entire site and its requirements.

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Our Factory

The factory also referred to as a Central Processing Plant (CPP) is situated in the same vicinity as the As’Sunainah site. The factory spans 50,000 sq mts, which is equivalent to 7 football fields. The plant encompasses a variety of facilities, including the manufacturing of all fresh dairy products, juices, ice creams, long-life milk, and cheese. A number of internationally-recognized contractors and partners were involved in the creation of this technologically-advanced plant. The plant includes bottles, cups, tubs, gable top, and ascetic-filling machines. This is in addition to ice cream freezing, cheese processing and filling machines. There is also a blow molding unit to produce PET, HDPE bottles, and caps. There are a total of 15 filling machines from different suppliers that use aseptic and non-aseptic processing technologies depending on the product’s shelf life. The plant is 85% automated and has the highest quality control systems in place, starting from raw milk reception until product dispatch to the market.