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About Us

Mazoon Dairy is a force of nature that is committed to empowering the health and well being of a nation. We are refreshingly real and passionate about nourishing the future of Oman.


Mazoon Dairy

As the flagship food company of the Sultanate of Oman, Mazoon Dairy Company SAOC (MDC) was set up to unlock the force of nature in people and build a prosperous and vibrant regional dairy business. Equally, Mazoon Dairy was established to offer Omani companies the opportunity to partner and prosper with the nation’s biggest ever dairy and juice business and act as a catalyst, generating business growth and prosperity for hundreds of Omani businesses.



The Sultanate of Oman is working towards attaining self-sufficiency in the food sector, an achievement that will benefit all its citizens. Mazoon Dairy is pioneering this initiative, specifically in the dairy and juice business through a fully-integrated project within the Sultanate that will serve the wider region.

Once operational, the facility will produce fresh milk, milk products and juices of the highest quality and will inspire national pride.

Chairman’s Message

Oman is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and diverse landscapes. For generations, Omanis have maintained a lifestyle of self-sufficiency through hard work and determination.It is a legacy that began with our ancestors


Management Team

Our leadership team is made up of the brightest and best in the industry – all committed to the future of self-sufficiency in the Sultanate – and passionate about a healthy, active and productive population.